TSM Team

At The Strategic Method, we believe in a team coaching philosophy - fully utilizing each other’s talents and strengths.

We strive to create the “whole” athlete -- not just successful on the ice, but ready for success in life.

Meet The Team

Tiffany Team Photo

Tiffany McNeil

TSM Co-Founder & Primary Coach

  • Co-Founder of The Strategic Method
  • Over 15 years of coaching experience
  • Coached Regional, Sectional and National competitors
  • Gold Medalist in Free Skate, Moves in the Field, and Ice Dance.
  • PSA Master rated in Free Skate
  • US National competitor
  • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sport Science with an emphasis on fitness and health leadership and a Minor in nutrition.
  • PSA Area 15 ARC Representative
  • Specializes in IJS strategies, season planning, jumps, spins, and program layout
Stephanie Team Photo

Stephanie Chace Bass

TSM Co-Founder & Primary Coach

  • Co-Founder of The Strategic Method
  • Coached Regional, Sectional, National, and International competitors
  • Master Rated Choreographer with the Professional Skaters Association
  • Master Choreography Techniques Certified
  • Coaching since 2004
  • Competed nationally and internationally as a member of Team USA
  • Gold Medalist in Free Skate & Moves in the Field
  • Soloist for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Productions and Hot summer Nights on Ice
  • 2016 Young Artists Showcase Champion.
  • Director of the American Ice Theatre of Utah
  • Specializes in IJS strategies, spins, jumps and choreography
Willy michael coach pic
Chris Team Photo

Jeremy Barrett

Secondary Coach - Jumps
  • Coaching since 2004
  • 2010 Olympian / 2010 U.S. National Pairs Champion
  • 2-time World competitor, 8-time National competitor, 4-time U.S. National medalist
  • 2009 World Team Trophy Champion
  • 2017 PSA Developmental Coach of the Year nominee
  • Coached multiple national and international champions
  • Grassroots to Champions camp faculty
  • Coach and performer with Sun Valley on Ice
  • Specializes in pairs skating, jump technique and the pole harness
Willy michael coach pic

Willy Michael

Secondary Coach - Jumps
  • USFS Gold Medalist
  • Regional, Sectional, National & International competitor
  • Principal skater - Royal Caribbean Cruises, Disney on Ice, Holiday on Ice
  • Performed professionally in more than 70 countries on five different continents.
  • Specializes in Jump technique
Chris Team Photo

Chris Obzansky

Secondary Coach - Ice Dance/Edges/Power
  • Competed with Team USA as an internationally ranked ice-dancer
  • 3-time U.S. national medalist
  • 2001 Junior Grand Prix gold medalist in Harbin, China
  • Junior World team member.
  • Available as a primary or secondary coach, specializing in partnered ice dance, solo ice dance, adults, and edge work/stroking/power lessons
  • NASM Personal Training certification
Sarah Team Photo
Sarah Team Photo

Sarah Riding

Secondary Coach - Spins
  • Coaching since 2012
  • Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field, Freeskate, Solo Free Dance,
    Solo Patterned Dance and Juvenile Pairs
  • Regional and Sectional competitor

Erika Roberts

Secondary Coach - MITF & Skating Skills
  • Coaching since 1992
  • Competed nationally and internationally as a member of the Starlets and Miami University Varsity Synchronized Skating teams
  • PSA Master Rated in Moves in the Field, Group and Synchronized Team
  • USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field & Ice Dance, Silver Medalist in Free Skate
  • PSA Level IV Ranking
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management and Sport Nutrition with a Minor in Coaching
  • Master’s degree in Sport Behavior and Performance
  • Specializing in Moves in the Field and Skating Skills

Katie Tucker

Secondary Coach - Spins
  • Gold level skater in both skating skills and singles
  • Competed nationally and internationally
  • Disney On Ice cast member in 2015 and 2016
  • 200 hour certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance
  • Emphasis on spin technique

Our Story

The Strategic Method was first imagined In May 2019, at the annual Professional Skater's Association conference. We wanted to do something that helped both coaches and skaters understand the rules of the sport. We wanted to give back to the skating community and expand our own knowledge. 

Swizzles to triples. We love to take skaters of all levels and help them accomplish their goals and aspirations. We take pride in building a well-packaged athlete. We are a team of coaches with specialties in every area. From jumping, spinning, choreography and skating skills, we offer it all.

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