IJS Program Critiques

Elevate your program with an IJS program critique

By scoring your practice programs you will get a realistic idea of where you stand before going to competition - to help you strategize to achieve your personal best!

What We Offer

We offer two program critique options. Choose the one that fits your needs before we get started.

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How it Works

Save the hard work for the ice. Getting your program scored is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Video Your Program

Make sure the skater is in view the whole time. It's ok if other skaters are on the ice. A clear view of the skater is more important than clear audio.

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Submit Your Video

Fill out the form below and upload your video. Choose between a score with a critique or without, and submit your payment with our secure payment portal, powered by Stripe.

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Get Your Results

Within three business days we'll provide you with a scoring sheet with your base total element score (TES). If you selected the critique option you'll also get a detailed critique with usable feedback.

*Keep in mind, every technical panel's calls will be different just as every spin will vary each time.  This is our expert advice, but it does not guarantee you will achieve these levels, positions or score every time.

Submit Your Program

When you purchase a program critique, we will provide you with a base total element score (TES) based off of the scale of values and technical panel handbook. We are not technical specialists and are using our professional coaching knowledge to help you understand your program and enhance your strategy. Your total segment score (TSS) will include your program component score (PCS) and total element score (TES). To improve your PCS (skating skills, performance, interpretation, transitions, composition) work with a choreographer and skating skills specialist.

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